Chiropractic & Physical Medicine

Proper anatomy and structure is necessary for proper function.  If the structure is impaired, the function can be altered, and pain may occur as a result.  You may experience headaches or migraines, neck pain or back pain, arm or leg pain, sciatica or radiating pain. 

The body naturally seeks balance between all systems within the body.  These systems are meant to work together.  Our Chiropractic and Naturopathic doctors utilize a wide range of physical medicine tools, techniques and devices to restore the structure of the body back into balance, thereby decreasing the pain you are in.

Physical Medicine Techniques

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Chiropractic &
Osseous Manipulation

Our clinic practices a gentle technique that works well with people of all ages and backgrounds.  Different techniques include:

  • Traditional hands on adjustments

  • Soft tapping activator device

  • Adjusting table

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Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser (also known as low level laser therapy) uses energy at specific frequencies to alter cellular function. We have seen great results and increased healing time for neuro-muscular issues due to the laser's ability to decrease inflammation and stimulate cell regeneration.


Fascial Manipulation (R)

Fascial Manipulation (R) is a systematic, diagnostic and science-based approach to deep tissue manipulation that links the interconnection between the musculoskeletal and viscera system.


Therapeutic Exercise & Stretching

There is a delicate balance between our anatomy and how we move.  Anatomy dictates function, and function dictates anatomy. It is important to learn therapeutic exercises and stretches to help balance the anatomical structure and begin having the body move more efficiently and thereby decrease pain.