What to expect from your Naturopathic Visits

A visit with your Naturopathic Doctor will be quite different than your previous healthcare providers. Naturopathic medicine is an individualized form of healthcare and requires a commitment from you in order for any health improvements to occur.  Changes to your lifestyle may be suggested and a treatment plan will be recommended to accommodate your individual needs.

  • Before your visit, you must fill out a very detailed intake form in order for your ND to get a better understanding of your complete health history. Please come early to your appointment to fill out this intake form, or to save time you can print it out and fill it out here.

  • Bring to your first appointment any recent lab results and imaging you may have.

  • Bring all of your medication and supplements with you to your appointment or at the very least provide a list with the brand, supplement/medication name, dosage and how long you have been taking them. There is space provided for this on the intake form.

First Initial Visit

Your first visit with a Naturopathic Doctor will be 60-90 minutes long as there will be a lot of information to sort through and explained in the treatment plan. You will leave this visit with:

  • An initial treatment plan

  • A food log to complete (if required)

  • And depending on your needs, a slip for blood work or other testing

Between visits, your ND will continue to research and understand the connection between your signs and symptoms, determine a long-term treatment plan to address the root cause of your condition, and work with you to tailor it to your individual needs.

Second Visit

Your second visit may range from 30-60 minutes and is usually 2-4 weeks following your initial visit. It will involve a detailed discussion about the changes you have implemented since your initial visit and the ND will review your food log and any other documents (such as lab work) pertaining to your health situation.  The ND will then discuss with you the second part of your treatment plan which will be more focused for the long term.

Follow-up Visits

Following your second visit, follow-up visits can range from 15-45 minutes and may be scheduled anywhere from 1-8 weeks. The frequency and lengths of your visits depend on your health situation, the severity of your condition and the appropriate treatment plan.